• Plastic poster holder to keep your posters

       1.61 3.78

      Plastic poster holder to keep your posters clean, protected and standing out to your customers, Make your signage stand out with a colourful showcard frames, Designed with an easy slot in opening for quick and frequent change overs, Black A5 €1.75 Black A4 €1.84 Black A3 €3.78 Clear A5 €1.61…

    • Acrylic poster holder available in 5 different sizes, landscape & portrait

       1.94 15.64

      Our new Acrylic poster holder made from high quality, diamond polished clear acrylic starting at €1.59 available in A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 sizes Choice of landscape or portrait orientation sign holder, in a variety of sizes Double sided sign holders are ideal for a wide range of industries

    • Chrome Wire Base Menu Holder

       3.96 6.55

      Our Chrome Wire Base Sign Holder is ideal for menus, posters, offers & Drink promotions. A5 €3.96 A4 €6.55 A Simple and cost affective way to display A4 or A5 signs on your counter tops. Change your materials and keep up with the latest metal and wire point of sale…

    • Counter standing Oval Base Poster Holder available in A4 & A5

       5.78 9.59

      Counter standing Oval Base Poster Holder for posters, photos and promotions, available in A5 & A4 sizes Double sided clear Supervue acrylic so you can display two posters at once The chunky 5mm oval base adds a modern touch.

    • Counter top Show Card Photo Holder with modern framing element

       11.64 14.99

      Counter top Show Card Photo Holder with modern framing element A5 €11.64 A4 €14.99 Stylish chrome supports screw into the frame for quick assembly These Perspex picture frames can be used portrait or landscape to fit your display

    • Curved Wooden Menu Sign Holder available in A4 & A5 sizes

       13.00 15.00

      What can I use the Curved Wooden Menu Sign Holder for ? The modern and eye-catching Curved Wooden Menu Sign Holder is perfect for use in pubs and restaurants to display menus, offers and promotions to customers at tables. The wooden frame gives it a rustic feel, while the curved…

    • Double sided Tabletop Chalkboards available in A3, A4 & A5 sizes

       8.99 14.60

      Our Double sided Tabletop Chalkboards in 3 different sizes can be used with our liquid chalk pens or chalk-sticks, Ideal for displaying menus, offers and your latest news Designed with a double sided easy clean surface and wooden base

    • Hanging Chalkboard in A4, A5 & A6 sizes

       5.21 6.75

      Our new Hanging Chalkboard for small yet creative wall displays available in 3 sizes, A4 €6.75 A5 €5.79 A6 €5.21 Hang this chalkboard anywhere around your business and see results, Comes complete with natural rope for easy hanging,

    • Robust Aluminium Sign Holder available in A6, A5, A4 & A3

       13.68 56.32

      Our Aluminium sign holder with removable cover for easy updates is available in 4 different sizes. Self adhesive sign holder ideal for changeable office door signs. Print your own sign inserts or have us make them for you. A6 €13.68 A5 €18.26 A4 €28.15 A3 €56.32

    • Rustic Wooden Menu Holder available in A3, A4 & A5 sizes

       13.00 20.00

      What are the benefits of using the Wooden Menu Holder ? This Wooden Menu Holder has a stunning dark oak finish and comes with a fixed 8cm long metal clip to add a vintage aesthetic to your hospitality area. It is is designed for frequent menu or poster updates in…

    • Sale Sign Inserts For Advertising Promotions

       2.43 2.97

      A6 Price €2.43 five pack A5 Price €2.69 five pack A4 Price €2.97 five pack Make sure your sale stands out with this bright red poster White space is ideal for writing your price in

    • Showcard holder designed for use on wire baskets, available in 6 different colours, A3 A4 & A5 sizes

       5.33 7.76

      Showcard holder designed for use on wire baskets Attract customers and increase impulse buys with a showcard Variety of sizes and colours to really make your product stand out.   Prices & colour choice A5 Clear   €6.73 A5 Red     €6.73 A5 Black  €6.73 A5 Green €6.73 A5 Blue   …

    • Single Sided Acrylic Tilted Poster available in A3, A4, A5, A6 sizes

       1.86 13.10

      Our new Single sided tilted poster holder made from high quality clear acrylic starting at €2.50 Choose from landscape or portrait orientation, available in a choice of four sizes, A3, A4, A5, A6, A6 portrait   €1.95 A6 landscape  €1.86 A5 portrait  €3.24 A5 landscape €3.15 A4 portrait  €4.25 A4 landscape…

    • Supervue Acrylic Portrait Double-sided Displays available in Black or White

       15.83 25.11

      Slide your posters in between the clear panels for a modern POS display, Ideal for quick and regular promo, menu or poster updates, Create stand out stylish portrait double sided displays, Black A6 portrait €15.83 Black A5 portrait €17.65 Black A4 portrait €25.11 White A6 portrait €15.83 White A5 portrait…

    • Supervue Acrylic Standoff Frames

       10.95 192.14

      Our new Acrylic Standoff Poster with vibrant high-resolution edge-to-edge printing. Available in 7 different sizes & 3 different colours, Supplied with satin anodized standoff fixings to suit your decor.

    • Supervue Acrylic Wall Mounted frame Kit available in 6 different sizes. A5 – A0

       21.02 316.77

      Our Acrylic Wall Mounted Panel Poster Kit in clear, available in six sizes. The perfect way to display adverts, posters or photographs on your walls. Can be mounted portrait or landscape to fit your decor.

    • Our Thinnest Silver Snap Frame With A 15mm Frame Width & strut leg for tabletop mounting

       5.80 6.50

      Are Snap Frames right for my business ? Snap Frames are arguably the most widely used form of point of sale display products used to display posters, adverts and offers in a huge variety of industries. Snap Frames make it extra easy to replace posters and keep them looking brand…

    • Unbreakable Supervue portrait freestanding poster holder available in 3 different sizes A4 A5 & A6

       2.04 4.20

      An extra strong portrait freestanding poster holder for use on countertops, A6 price €2.04 A5 price €2.87 A4 price €4.20 Tilted poster angle makes your graphics clearer to passing customers Quick and easy to update your posters as the holder opens at the side

    • Wall mounted Leaflet holder available in A4, A5, A6 & 1/3 of A4 sizes. Portrait orientation

       2.15 4.08

      Leaflet holder in various sizes, pre-drilled with fixing holes ready for wall mounting A portrait wall mounted leaflet holder maximises the space in your business Increase the visibility of your literature with a wall mounted leaflet dispenser.

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