• Floor Standing Snap Frame with adjustable pole height, orientation and angle, landscape or portrait

       86.35 105.53

      Our Floor Standing Snap Frame with adjustable pole height, orientation and angle, landscape or portrait in two different sizes A4 & A3 A4 €86.35 + vat A3 €105.53 + vat Ideal for menu’s,”please wait here to be seated by one of our staff”queues or directional signage, Black 25mm snap frame…

    • Plastic poster holder to keep your posters

       1.61 3.78

      Plastic poster holder to keep your posters clean, protected and standing out to your customers, Make your signage stand out with a colourful showcard frames, Designed with an easy slot in opening for quick and frequent change overs, Black A5 €1.75 Black A4 €1.84 Black A3 €3.78 Clear A5 €1.61…

    • Waterproof outdoor Vinyl Printing

       9.00 35.00

      Waterproof outdoor Vinyl Printing is now available at Snap Frames Europe. ANY COLOUR & ANY DESIGN Now We can print anything for you on waterproof vinyls for outdoor or indoor use, so easy to clean and doesn’t crinkle, sweat or fade like damp paper will, you supply your Business name…

    • A3 and A4 Freestanding Snap frame

       101.36 119.05

      How can my business benefit from a poster display stand ? This Freestanding Poster Holder is a great way to display information to existing and potential customers. It is suitable for displaying outdoors, meaning you can attract passing custom from the street. The snap frame on the poster display stand…

    • Acrylic poster holder available in 5 different sizes, landscape & portrait

       1.94 15.64

      Our new Acrylic poster holder made from high quality, diamond polished clear acrylic starting at €1.59 available in A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 sizes Choice of landscape or portrait orientation sign holder, in a variety of sizes Double sided sign holders are ideal for a wide range of industries

    • Top Quality Chalkboard With A Dark Wood Frame For Rustic Displays

       17.25 29.60

      A3 size €17.25 + vat A2 size €21.80 + vat A1 size €29.60 + vat

    • Double sided tabletop chalkboard with rustic base available in A3 & A4 sizes

       11.40 13.99

      Our new Double sided Tabletop chalkboard with rustic base is ideal for displaying offers on both sides. A4 Price €11.40 A3 price €13.99 Stylish small menu chalkboard with shabby chic effect painted wood base Removable double sided chalkboard display for easy updates

    • Double sided Tabletop Chalkboards available in A3, A4 & A5 sizes

       8.99 14.60

      Our Double sided Tabletop Chalkboards in 3 different sizes can be used with our liquid chalk pens or chalk-sticks, Ideal for displaying menus, offers and your latest news Designed with a double sided easy clean surface and wooden base

    • Freestanding adjustable or fixed snap frame in portrait or landscape orientation

       118.40 198.11

      Our Freestanding snap frame can be used in portrait or landscape orientation, Adjustable A3 €198.11 + vat Adjustable A4 €145.41 + vat Fixed A3 €153.96 + vat Fixed A4 €118.40 + vat Display menus, directional signs or posters anywhere in your venue, Designed with your choice of an adjustable or…

    • Heavy duty Aluminium Showcard Stand available in A2 & A3 sizes

      12.8%  19.24 94.28  94.28 130.75

      Our new Heavy duty Aluminium Showcard Stand for A2 & A3 posters, starting at A3 €94.28 + vat A2 €130.75 + vat The metal base creates a strong, robust and secure sign holder stand, Stronger and more resilient than plastic show card frames *Attention this product is not a Snap…

    • Our HEAVY DUTY FIRE RESISTANT Snap Frames are available in A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0 sizes

      11.1%  1.77 14.22  14.22 83.00

      Call us on 087 2101731 for reduced prices on bulk orders of over 25 items, Our HEAVY DUTY FIRE RESISTANT Snap Frame 25mm. Stylish heavy duty snap frame which is fire resistant and fire rated These Fire resistant snap frames complie with EN13501-1 Class B s1 d0 They have a…

    • High impact Illuminated LED Poster Kit in 4 sizes A1, A2, A3 & A4

       105.58 379.48

      Our new A4 High impact Illuminated LED Poster Kit for indoor displays. Available in A4, A3, A2, & A1 sizes, Illuminated edge frames your image perfectly for a modern and clear look’ Built-in energy efficient LEDs save up to 60% on energy costs. A4 Silver €105.58 A3 Silver €174.88 A3…

    • LED Illuminated Black photo frame


      Landscape or portrait. Comes in A3 size Wall mounted or countertop,  

    • Led wall mounted snap frames in 4 different sizes A0, A1, A2 & A3

      32.5%  85.09 86.99  86.99 367.00

      Wall mounted Snap Frames with built in LED illumination ideal to show your menu or promotions Make your posters stand out in your store, reception, office, Restaurant or Bar Designed with energy efficient LEDs with a run time of 30,000 hours. A4 Silver €86.99 + vat A3 Silver €99.99 +…

    • Our Lockable Silver 32mm Snap Frames are available in A3, A2, A1 & A0 sizes

      3.8%  3.22 37.28  37.28 82.27

      Our Lockable 32mm Silver Snap Frame with Lock mechanism is available in four sizes. A3 €37.28 + vat A2 €47.32 + vat A1  €50.96 + vat A0 €82.27 + vat Show your posters outside with this protective cover and built in lock. The 32mm frame is ideal for outdoor use…

    • Our Large Showcard Stand 1.7 meters high is available in A3 & A4 sizes, for indoor & outdoor use

       32.79 36.87

      Our Large showcard stand with a round black heavy duty steel base starting at A4 Price €32.79 A3 Price €36.87 Adjustable up to 1.7m high to increase visibility. Our tallest show card stand is the ideal way to guide people to deals. *Attention this product is not a Snap Frame*

    • Our LED Cable Kit Window Display with illuminated poster pockets is available in 4 different sizes

       135.55 677.32

      Our new LED Cable Kit Window Display with illuminated poster pockets is available in 4 different sizes. Easy to install, double sided and can be used portrait and landscape Magnetic opening makes changing posters quick and easy. Landscape or Portrait fitting, A4. 1 pocket kit €135.55 A4. 2 pocket kit…

    • Outdoor poster stand available in A3 & A4 sizes.

       16.79 18.91

      Our new Outdoor poster stand designed for use with laminated posters in A4 & A3 This rustproof adjustable showcard stand features a black plastic base with metal insert, Use on floors or table tops to promote your products outside A4 Black €16.79 + vat A4 Green €16.80 + vat A3…

    • Premium Hinged wood poster case with chalkboard available in A2, A3 & A4 sizes

      5.6%  4.50 62.44  62.44 84.49

      Our new Premium hinged wood poster case with integrated chalkboard in 3 different sizes, A4, A3, A2. Quickly change your display by covering the chalkboard with a poster, Stylish dark oak finish with sturdy acrylic front panel, A4 priced at €62.44 + vat A3 priced at €66.89 + vat A2…

    • Robust Aluminium Sign Holder available in A6, A5, A4 & A3

       13.68 56.32

      Our Aluminium sign holder with removable cover for easy updates is available in 4 different sizes. Self adhesive sign holder ideal for changeable office door signs. Print your own sign inserts or have us make them for you. A6 €13.68 A5 €18.26 A4 €28.15 A3 €56.32

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