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    • Our Window Display Floor to Ceiling Cable Kit is available in 2 different sizes

       126.99 135.81

      What are the features and benefits of a Ceiling to Floor Poster Kit ? A Ceiling to Floor Cable Poster Kit is a fantastic way to update your window display or to get creative with a blank indoor wall. These window display kits work particularly well for estate agents, as…

    • Outdoor poster stand available in A3 & A4 sizes.

       16.79 18.91

      Our new Outdoor poster stand designed for use with laminated posters in A4 & A3 This rustproof adjustable showcard stand features a black plastic base with metal insert, Use on floors or table tops to promote your products outside A4 Black €16.79 + vat A4 Green €16.80 + vat A3…

    • Peg Board & letters, available in 5 different sizes

      8.7%  9.74 102.25  102.25 276.05

      470mm x 320mm €102.25 + vat 760mm x 310mm €121.24 + vat 610mm x 460mm €131.45 + vat 920mm x 610mm €163.59 + vat 1220mm x 920mm €276.05 + vat

    • 22ltr shopping basket in four different colours

      21.4%  19.01 7.49  7.49 69.99

      22ltr Plastic shopping baskets available in a variety of colours, Make it easier for your customers to buy more items, Designed with a robust carry handle to hold up to 30kg of products, Buy one Basket in any colour €7.49 + vat Buy Ten Baskets in any colours €69.99 +…

    • Premium Acrylic Slatwall Shoe Shelf with price tag holder

      9.1%  1.00 9.99  9.99

      Premium Acrylic Slatwall Shoe Shelf with 50mm Ticket Holder Showcase your shoes across your slatwall with this simple yet effective unit Promote your brand or seasonal offers in the built in ticket holder Slatwall Shoe Shelf 300mm x 150mm with price tag holder.

    • Premium Backlit Paper Pack

       54.06 105.07

      Our High quality Premium Backlit Paper for illuminated LED printed displays, A4 Premium lite €54.06 A3 Premium lite €105.07 Compatible with all inkjet, laser and MFD printers so you can print from home Excellent colour definition providing a radiant, sharp image display

    • Premium Hinged wood poster case with chalkboard available in A2, A3 & A4 sizes

      5.6%  4.50 62.44  62.44 84.49

      Our new Premium hinged wood poster case with integrated chalkboard in 3 different sizes, A4, A3, A2. Quickly change your display by covering the chalkboard with a poster, Stylish dark oak finish with sturdy acrylic front panel, A4 priced at €62.44 + vat A3 priced at €66.89 + vat A2…

    • Premium Illuminated LED Open Sign in Oval or Rectangle design

      30.5%  28.39 64.80  64.80

      Our new Premium Illuminated LED open sign will attract customers to your shop, bar, takeaway or restaurant, Oval price €64.80 + vat Rectangular (not available right now) Retro design neon open sign with low energy, environmentally friendly LEDs, Brightly coloured, realistic neon design adds a premium feel, available in two…

    • Premium LED Totem Poster Display for indoor use only


      Our Premium LED Totem Poster Display with built in LEDs for a standout advertising display. Flat sided aluminium profiles with snap frames for easy poster updates. Built with internal illumination using continuous LED strip lighting. ill print my own artwork €1543.10 +vat Yes, print my artwork for me €1760.00 +…

    • Premium sneeze screen 1000mm wide x 800mm high


      Our new Premium sneeze screen is for use at checkouts, tills and receptions 1,000mm wide x 800mm high. Stylish till sneeze guard creates a safer work environment for cashiers Sturdy metal frame with black finish and clear front and side panels

    • Promotional Counter

       254.89 387.81

      Our new promotional counter is ideal for use at events or in-store promotions, Without printing €254.89 With printing €387.81 The pop up counter is available with custom print on the front panel and header, Portable counter designed for quick assembly, supplied complete with a carry bag.

    • Retractable 2 meters long Barrier Cassette


      Our Retractable 2 meters long Barrier Cassette for wall mounting, Belt reaches 2m – Ideal for queues or sectioning off an area or private function, can be connected to our poles we supply or to your wall. Powder coated black for a sleek and discreet addition to your wall

    • Right Angled Shelf Talker manufactured from clear PVC

       1.05 1.50

      Right Angled Shelf Talker manufactured from clear PVc Make your promotions clear for customers to see instantly Self adhesive shelf label holder for instant shelf mounting 90 Degree 6 x 3 inch €1.05 + vat 90 Degree 8 x 3 inch €1.15 + vat 35 Degree 6 x 3 inch…

    • Rigid Steel Base Banner Holder, available in 300mm 600mm 800mm & 1000mm

       21.00 219.18

      Rigid Steel Base Banner Holder for large format indoor advertising Attract people to your business with a sturdy banner stand Built with a durable and stable steel silver powder coated wedge base, 30cm without print €21.00 30cm with print €71.95 60cm without print €37.20 60cm with print €126.04 80cm without…

    • Robust Aluminium Sign Holder available in A6, A5, A4 & A3

       13.68 56.32

      Our Aluminium sign holder with removable cover for easy updates is available in 4 different sizes. Self adhesive sign holder ideal for changeable office door signs. Print your own sign inserts or have us make them for you. A6 €13.68 A5 €18.26 A4 €28.15 A3 €56.32

    • Rustic Wooden Menu Holder available in A3, A4 & A5 sizes

       13.00 20.00

      What are the benefits of using the Wooden Menu Holder ? This Wooden Menu Holder has a stunning dark oak finish and comes with a fixed 8cm long metal clip to add a vintage aesthetic to your hospitality area. It is is designed for frequent menu or poster updates in…

    • Sale Arrow Hanging Sign


      Sale Arrow Hanging Sign ideal for directing customers towards your discounts. 490mm wide x 400mm high Price €8.99 This Bright red printed sign can be seen from further away, ideal for larger stores, Sign comes with double sided message and is pre-drilled ready for use

    • Sale Sign Inserts For Advertising Promotions

       2.43 2.97

      A6 Price €2.43 five pack A5 Price €2.69 five pack A4 Price €2.97 five pack Make sure your sale stands out with this bright red poster White space is ideal for writing your price in

    • Satin anodised Cable for floor to ceiling cable kits


      Features and benefits of a Floor to Ceiling Cable with Fixings Our Floor to Ceiling Cable with Fixings is a stylish, sleek way to hang any sign from floor to ceiling. It is streamlined for discreet hanging so the customer’s attention is not distracted by obtrusive fixings and are designed…

    • Set of 3 American style A4 Menu Holders with Clear Pockets


      Our American style menu holder with clear A4 pockets comes in a pack of 3 @ €29.26 + vat Practical wipe-clean menu holder with reinforced edges and corners. Pack of three clear menu holders which each holds up to four sheets.

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