• Water-based Snap Frame Pavement Signs available in A0, A1 & A2 sizes

      11.9%  21.40 119.00  119.00 345.27

      We guarantee to be the most competitively priced supplier of water base pavement signs in Ireland, Starting at €119.00 + vat. We can also print your artwork or Business Name/Logo on our waterproof vinyls, please see sizes and prices below….. A2 Silver Waterbase Sign Without any vinyl posters €119.00 +…

    • Our new Universal Bottle or Can shelf pusher systems are Spring loaded for low-maintenance retail shelving & fridge shelving.

      18.5%  90.50 7.99  7.99 399.50

      Our Universal Bottle or Can shelf pusher systems are Spring loaded for low-maintenance retail shelving & fridge shelving. Suitable for….. 500mm cans, 330mm cans, 330mm cans slimline, 500mm bottles, 380mm bottles, Product pusher kits to suit various shelf depths and lengths, keeping your store tidy. Suits any width, and shelf…

    • Led wall mounted snap frames in 4 different sizes A0, A1, A2 & A3

      32.5%  85.09 86.99  86.99 367.00

      Wall mounted Snap Frames with built in LED illumination ideal to show your menu or promotions Make your posters stand out in your store, reception, office, Restaurant or Bar Designed with energy efficient LEDs with a run time of 30,000 hours. A4 Silver €86.99 + vat A3 Silver €99.99 +…

    • Our A4 Snap Frames are available in 8 Different Colours

      19.2%  2.66 7.97  7.97 16.46

      Our Snap Frames are designed for displaying your posters /photos and artwork Available in 8 different colours to suit your needs It’s a quick and easy way of showcasing or updating graphics in your business

    • Top Quality Chalkboard With A Dark Wood Frame For Rustic Displays

       17.25 29.60

      A3 size €17.25 + vat A2 size €21.80 + vat A1 size €29.60 + vat

    • Non-contact Automatic Hand Sanitiser dispenser Station


      Why use a Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser stand ? Our automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a convenient and professional way of maintaining good workplace hygiene among staff and visitors alike. This is our best hand sanitizer dispenser due to its premium quality construction, large capacity and modern design. The…

    • A-Board Snap Frame Mechanism Pavement Signs A1 & A2

       84.00 127.00

      Our A-Board Pavement Signs with a double sided display in a range of 5 different colours, Designed with a 32mm snap frame mechanism and poster protectors, Folds up for easy compact storage after use at the end of the day,

    • Clear Acrylic Office Desk Divider 950mm wide x 750mm deep


      Our new Clear Acrylic Office Desk Divider can turn any office desk into a cubicle enclosed on three sides, Suitable for use on virtually any desk, these office sneeze screens are made from high-quality clear acrylic so look stylish and don’t block out light as conventional cubicles do Help improve…

    • Acrylic table top sign (Pack of 4)

      40%  8.00 11.99  11.99

      Set of 4 €11.99 + vat

    • Low-cost FLAT-PACK sneeze screen available in two sizes

      18.8%  30.08 115.88  115.88 129.92

      What is a Flat Pack Sneeze Screen ? This low-cost sneeze screen is designed to be placed between the customer and the cashier to help keep them both safer when at the checkout. This sneeze guard is supplied as a self-assembly flat-pack kit and is made from crystal clear Perspex…

    • LED Illuminated Black photo frame


      Landscape or portrait. Comes in A3 size Wall mounted or countertop,  



      Our Traditional steel oil can. Flexible spout with spring-loaded pressure release for precise application in awkward areas. Ideal to lubricate hinges, locks, chains, bearings and other moving parts.

    • Robert Scott Mop Head Kentucky White & Robert Scott Mop Handle Kentucky Blue.

       3.49 9.99

      Robert Scott Mop Head Kentucky White & Robert Scott Mop Handle Kentucky Blue. Make cleaning you floors easy with the Robert Scott mop. Mop Head Kentucky white €3.49 Mop Handle Kentucky Blue with steel Kentucky fitting €9.99

    • Robert Scott Microspeedy Kit


      Cleaning made easy with Robert Scott supplies.   *Includes a bucket, wringer and a mophead and is blue in colour.

    • 41″ Tool Chest and Roller Cabinet Bundle.

       354.00 790.00

      41″ Tool Chest and Roller Cabinet Bundle. Width: 41″ (46.5″ w/ handle) Height: 33″ (39″ w/wheels) Depth: 18″ Top Tool Chest and Roller Cabinet Together €790.00 + vat Top Chest alone €354.00 + vat Roller Cabinet alone €467.00 + vat

    • Teng Tools 12 Piece Combination Spanner Set.


      *Spanner Set With the Same Dimensions at Both Ends. *Chrome Vanadium With Polished Heads. *12 Point Ring End Is Set at a 15° Angle.

    • Our Pacini 0.6 Ton Transmission Jack


      Transmission jacks, provide handy, convenient support when working on, or removing, engine gearboxes. This gearbox jack will lift 600kg with a max lift of 1900mm. Specifications….. 600kg Max Lift 1980mm Dimentions 720mm x 720mm x 1140mm 1 Year warranty

    • Teng Tools 17 Piece Combination Spanner Set.


      *Supplied in a Tool Roll *Polished Heads With a Satin Finish *12 Point Ring End Is Set at 15° Angle This Teng Tools set is a 17 piece metric combination spanner set that ranges from 6mm to 22mm. The 12 point ring end is set at a 15° angle. Each…

    • Teng Tools 74 Piece Bits Driver Set.


      Teng Tools 74 Piece Bits Driver Set. *Flexible Extension & 69 Bits *Supplied in Teng Tools TC Tray *Extension Bar & Coupler Adaptor

    • Teng Tools 1,000V 7 Piece Screwdriver Set


      The Teng Tools TTV907N is a 1000V rated, 7 Piece screwdriver set including flat, PH and PZ type screwdrivers. Features include TT-MV PLUS steel blades and ergonomically designed bi-material handles with hanging hole and T drive facility for added torque and comfort. All screwdrivers are produced and tested according to…

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