Supervue Acrylic Poster Sleeve, available in 8 Different sizes

Supervue Acrylic Poster Sleeve, available in 8 Different sizes

 1.35 63.51

Our Supervue Acrylic Poster Sleeve is available in portrait and landscape orientations, & 8 different sizes.
A cost effective way to show posters, information and product specifications.
A8 supervue sleeve € 1.35
A7 supervue sleeve € 1.46
A6 supervue sleeve € 2.07
A5 supervue sleeve € 3.09
A4 supervue sleeve € 4.69
A3 supervue sleeve € 9.79
A2 supervue sleeve €30.33
A1 supervue sleeve €63.51
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What is an Acrylic Poster Sleeve used for ?
Supervue Acrylic Poster Sleeves are slide-in poster pockets for wall mounting posters, information sheets, product specifications and directions. They are stylish, cost-effective to use at high volumes and come in both portrait or landscape orientations. This item is suitable for holding a wide variety of popular poster sizes that are up to 1mm thick, including A3, A4 and A5.
How are these poster pockets made ?
Each Supervue Acrylic Poster Sleeve is made from a single sheet of high-quality 2-3mm thick Perspex acrylic which is laser cut and diamond polished for a crystal clear finish. They are so easy to install in any location. They are available in either portrait or landscape orientation and open on three sides, so please ensure you choose the correct poster sleeve to suit your design.
Can these be attached to white goods without leaving a mark ?
Yes, these are popular for displaying product specifications on fridges, washing machines and kitchen appliances. We recommend using Magnetic Self Adhesive Tape, adhering the tape to the poster pocket which will then attach magnetically to white goods for an easily repositionable poster.
Why does my poster pocket look blue ?
We only make these from clear acrylic but apply a blue protective film to the surface of the acrylic to protect it from scratches in transit. Peel this off to reveal the crystal clear unblemished acrylic beneath.
Please see photo gallery for specifications.

A8 supervue sleeve, A7 supervue sleeve, A6 supervue sleeve, A5 supervue sleeve, A4 supervue sleeve, A3 supervue sleeve, A2 supervue sleeve, A1 supervue sleeve


Portrait, Landscape


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