Our new 100 liter, 3000W Triple Motor 3-In-1 Wet And Dry HEPA Filtration Vacuum Cleaner.

Our new 100 liter, 3000W Triple Motor 3-In-1 Wet And Dry HEPA Filtration Vacuum Cleaner.


Our new 100 liter, 3000W Triple Motor 3-In-1 Wet And Dry HEPA Filtration Vacuum Cleaner.
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3000w wet and dry vacuum : Able to clean up Liquid Spills, Sand, Sawdust, Wood Chippings, Metal Shavings and Spillages,
Massive 21kpa suction power: Capable of demanding cleaning jobs around your factory, warehouse, farm or site
Simple to move around: Its robust wheels glide across the floor for added ease
100L stainless steel container: Ensures dust, dirt or dirty water is collected effectively
5m power cable: Includes integrated cable tidy for neat storage
Easy to use: Low service and maintenance requirements
Includes a range of accessories: Get cleaning straight out of the box
Peace of mind: 1 year warranty
Heavy-Duty 3kW Vacuum Cleaner
This vacuum is a powerful, heavy-duty electric wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Hyundai, suitable for commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning. Powered by a 3000w air-cooled Hyundai electric motor, this vacuum cleaner has a massive 21kpa suction power and is capable of the most demanding cleaning jobs on a commercial scale.
With 21kpa of suction power, this means that this industrial hoover is not only able to clean up dirt, dust and debris, but also sand, sawdust, wood chippings, metal shavings and spillages, giving your space a thorough clean.
What Is A Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner ?
A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a time-saving bit of kit, able clean up liquid spills as well as dry dirt and dust at the same time. Instead of using a bag, wet and dry vacuum cleaners work by sucking up both the wet and dry waste into a bucket system, before automatically separating the liquids and solids.
*Heavy Duty Vacuum
Weighing 24.5kg, this heavy-duty vacuum cleaner packs a punch. Its upright cylinder design with ergonomic handles is easy to move from A to B, and its 4 hard plastic wheels allow this powerful vacuum to glide across the floor effortlessly.
The 100L stainless steel upright cylinder ensures dust, dirt or dirty water is collected effectively for an all-round pristine clean, and will also allow you to clean large areas without interruption, saving time and effort. The container can also be tipped backwards for easy, controlled emptying.
*Corded Wet and Dry Hoover
Ideal for a variety of cleaning jobs including carpet, wood, laminate, car valets, workshops and upholstery, this powerful hoover also features three cleaning functions (wet vacuuming, dry vacuuming and blowing) so you can tailor your cleaning to the task at hand.
Supplied with a 5m power cable for ample reach when you clean your warehouse, workshop, factory, construction site or farm, ensuring that you won’t have to keep reaching for an extension cord or regularly unplugging the hoover to switch sockets. Its integrated cable tidy also makes it neat and compact to store away whilst not in use.
The integrated float switch with liquid protection monitors the level of water within the cylinder until it reaches maximum capacity, at which point the vacuum will automatically shut off to prevent any damage and to promote longevity.
Double Filtration Industrial Hoover
It features a double filtration system that separates the captured dirt into fine and coarse elements for maximum efficiency and a thorough clean.
Featuring a high-efficiency particulate air filter for dry vacuuming, these HEPA filters trap air contaminants in a complex web of fibres. An advantage of the HEPA Filter is that as they become saturated with contaminants, airflow capacity decreases and static pressure increases and, as a result, the filters become more efficient as the filter loads.
Easy To Use
With low service and maintenance requirements, it is incredibly easy to use regardless of the task. It even comes with a sponge filter for wet vacuuming – with a high absorption capacity, the sponge will easily collect liquid spills as well as dust and dirt for even easier cleaning.
This vacuum is built to make tough clean-up tasks faster and less demanding, giving you everything you need to start cleaning straight out of the box, including a bristle brush, crevice nozzle, dry carpet brush and wet floor brush.
AC Voltage = 230V
Air Flow = (L/s)2.7M3/MIN
Cylinder Volume = 100L
Hose Length 5M / Outer 36mm / Inner 35mm
Motor = 3000W
Net Weight = 24.5kg
Cleaner Features = Wet Clean
Cable Length = 5M
VAC Frequency = 50Hz
Motor CFM3.0M3/MIN
KPA = 21
Kpa Water Lift = 2100mm H20
Flexihose Length = 5m
Wet Use Nozzle (L x W x H) (mm) = 355 x 160 x 42
Dry Use Nozzle (L x W x H) (mm) = 355 x 160 x 42
Crevice Tool (L x W) (mm) = 245 x 43
Brush Nozzle (L x W) (mm) = 120 x 43
Expect in the Box 1 Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Trolley, Hose, Telescopic Tube, Dry Floor Brush, Wet Floor Brush, Crevice Nozzle, Brush Nozzle, HEPA Filter, and 4 Wheels.

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