Bottle Shelf Pusher System

Bottle Shelf Pusher System

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Bottle Shelf Pusher System for effective retail shelf management

Keep your bottles upright and fronted at all times to enhance presentation

Simple system that will directly fit onto a variety of retail shelves or fridges.

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How to create your complete Bottle Shelf Pusher System:

Step 1
Select and purchase the amount of bottle pusher system rows you require to fit the width of your shelf or fridge.

Step 2
For each complete row, purchase one end divider to prevent products falling into the next display.

Step 3
This example kit consists of nine bottle pusher system rows and one end divider.

Features and benefits of a Bottle Shelf Pusher System

A Bottle Pusher System is a must have for any retailer selling bottled goods, whether it be drinks, cleaning suppliers or cosmetics. The simple system is designed to help you organise your retail shelves so that your products are always up right, always front facing and always presented as clearly as possible.

This spring loaded pusher system can be used across a variety of shelving systems, including inside fridges, making this a must have Point of sale tool for all retailers.

How does the Bottle Pusher System work ?

Your bottles are stacked against the single pusher until the capacity is reached. The unit is designed with a spring to ensure that there is always a product at the front of your display, creating a neater shelf front at all times. The pusher channel is designed with a back retainer to prevent over stocking or products falling off the back of your shelf. Once the unit is empty, the pusher will be visible ready for restocking. Each row is sold separately.

What is included with one Bottle Shelf Pusher System ?

The completed set needs to include the required amount of pusher system rows and one divider. Each bottle pusher system row comes complete with a divider on the left side, therefore, each row has a divider in the middle. The only section of the row which will be open and require an end divider is the last one in the row.

The divider is designed for using at the end of the row of bottle pushers to prevent products falling or spilling into the next display. When building your pusher kit, simply select the number of pushers you require and one divider for every complete row of pusher displays you are creating.

What is the capacity ?

The unit is ideally designed for use with 500ml bottles and it will hold up to eight of these comfortably. It is designed for objects no larger than 23cm H x 7cm diameter.

Each individual spring loaded pusher pusher measures 47cm long and the end divider measures 40.7cm Long x 7cm High.

Can I display prices on the system ?

The front of each spring loaded pusher is designed with a modern curved panel which is ideal for price, barcode or promotional messages.

What is the display made of ?

Both the bottle shelf pusher system and the end divider are manufactured from polypropylene.

Bottle Pusher Row W x H x D = 7cm x 8cm x 47cm
Divider size H x D = 7cm x 41.5cm
Material = Polypropylene


Bottle Pusher System row, Bottle Pusher end divider


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